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日期: 2016-03-08
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平谦国际昆山园区P5总土地面积76,547平方米,总建筑面积46,670平方米,独栋厂房面积有8721平方米、5060平方米两种,为单层机械加工型厂房,已全部竣工, 目前已有租户美国CooperStandard,德国Schafer入驻。火热招商中,欢迎垂询!

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2016 - 05 - 26
Termax Corporation, top dynamic manufacturing and engeering company specializing in metal andplastic fastener solution, signed the lease contract with Plainvim International (Kunshan) Industrial Park.Termax will move into Plainvim Kunshan in June.
2016 - 03 - 08
The land area of Plainvim (Kunshan)Park Phase III is 77,000 sqm, and the GFA is 45,000 sqm. At present, the leasing area is only 27,000 sqm. There are 2 types of workshops for leasing, the GFA of which are approx. 8,700sqm and 5,000 sqm respectively. For details, please contact us. Business Hotline: 0512-55235111技术参数C栋/D栋技术参数
2016 - 03 - 08
The billboards on Hu’ning express way _ Shanghai to Nanjing section are already on line. Parks Buffett wants to invest _add splendor for your travelling. With Plainvim, with success .
2016 - 03 - 08
On December 18,2015, Plainvim  Kunshan park hold a long-distance race. Enterprises in the park participate in therace actively and enthusiastically.34 athletes persist in running 3,000 meters around the cherryforest in the park. After stressful competition, we award the top three. They are from Pierburg, Cooper Standard and Coroplast.Life lies in movement. We plainvim wants to remind you...
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